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Dear Students and Families

On behalf of the administration and faculty of Academia Medical Institute, I extend to you our warmest welcome. We are pleased that you have chosen AMI to further your education and professional career. Excellence in education and affordability is our core theme. Academia Medical Institute, as one of the most affordable private Career Colleges in Central Ohio; our vision remains the same to offer world-class learning opportunities and experience for students from across the country.

We understand as an adult learner, it’s a challenge to come back to school because you are juggling family, work, church, and other responsibilities and you are wondering how you are going to fit this on top of everything else? We completely understand that and almost everyone here is in the same boat with you. I am a strong believer that if you invest in the learning experience, you will grow, enrich your life, and be forever changed; because education is the gateway to be successful in life.

Your talents, ambitions, and diversity will benefit our community centered on our students’ accomplishment, providing them with exceptional experiences, and connections to prosperous careers. We are optimistic you will find your time at Academia Medical Institute to be very rewarding and gratifying.

We are committed to making our campus a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment where you can reach your full potential. I’m delighted that Academia Medical Institute can be a part of your life in this next chapter of your career, and I look forward to handing you a diploma one of these days soon.

Thank you for being part of our family; your success is our success!

Ahmet H. Ali

President , Academia Medical Institute