The Academia Medical Institute does not guarantee the transferability of its credit to any other educational institution. Acceptability of credits is solely at the discretion of the accepting institution. 


Academia Medical Institute will consider accepting transfer credits or clock hours earned at another institution for the courses Anatomy and Physiology I (A&P1), Anatomy and Physiology II (A&P 1I), Nutrition Across the Life Span provided that the following criteria are met:

The institution is accredited by an agency recognized by the U. S. Department of Education or by the Council on Higher EducationAccreditation

The course or courses being transferred are a part of a practical nurse curriculum that has been approved and/or accredited by the OhioBoard of Nursing, by an accrediting agency recognized by the U. S. Department of Education, or by an accrediting agency that is amember of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation

The course or courses are determined to be comparable in both content and duration to a course or courses offered by Academia andwith a minimum grade of B. The transfer course will have a grade “T” in the transcript.

The course was completed within one year of the date that the student is applying for admission into Academia.

Requests for transfer of credit must be made in writing or verbally. An official transcript must be sent directly to Academia from theinstitution that the transferring student attended. A copy of a detailed syllabus for the course and outline of the course’s content must be provided. The Program Administrator and/or the designee will make the determination if the course or courses requested for transfer credit meet all required criteria, and transfer credit will be granted. The decision of the Program Administrator is final and not appealable.

Any student who meets all the criteria of the above Transfer of Credit Policy except for the fact that their credits were earned more than one year ago, but no more than three years previously may request the opportunity of a proficiency exam. The proficiency exam is available for the two anatomy and physiology courses, A&P I and A&P II, and for the Nutrition across the Lifespan course. The student must achieve a minimum score of 78% on each proficiency exam taken and, if successful, will receive credit earned from the previous school as transfer. Tuition will be adjusted and pro-rated based on how many credit hours are accepted for transfer.

For Individuals with experience in the armed forces of the United States, or in the National Guard or in a reserve component, the program administrator will review the military education and skills training that may be applicable to the practical nursing program. If the military education and or skills are substantially equivalent to content required in the practical nursing curriculum transfer credit will be awarded and noted on the transcript as Military Credit.