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Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) provide basic medical care and work under the direction of doctors and other health care professionals. An LPN’s duties can vary depending on the state they work in but usually consist of monitoring patients’ health, administering basic patient care such as changing bandages or helping patients bathe or dress, doing routine lab tests, and providing status updates to RN’s and doctors.

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It’s possible to complete our practical nurse program in as few as 12 months. While in school you will be immersed with challenging and engaging Practical Nurse (PN) training through real-world classroom and clinical experiences. Academia Medical Institute offers a Practical Nursing program that has proven NCLEX pass rate.

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Do you have a passion for serving the health care needs of others? A career in practical nursing can put you on the front lines of patient care while you also support physicians and RNs in an exciting, fast-paced environment. If you’ve been searching for Practical Nursing (PN) programs near you, Academia Medical Institute might be the right fit and offers the diploma program you need to enter the nursing field.


The program of learning for the Practical Nursing Education Program is designed to enable the student to provide safe, direct care for assigned clients of all ages in various structured health care settings. Supervision by qualified faculty, as required by Ohio Administrative Code 4723-5-11, “Qualifications of administrative, faculty and instructional personnel for a practical nursing education program” is provided.

The faculty of the Academia Medical Institute believes in providing high-quality nursing education to prepare well-qualified, diverse nurses to care for patients/families/communities with varying healthcare needs. Faculty are central in achieving program goals along with imparting their knowledge and enthusiasm in preparing competent, skilled, caring, and compassionate graduates that are responsive to emerging healthcare needs and future trends. Faculty use their knowledge and expertise to engage, collaborate in, and promote the development of clinical decision making, critical thinking, communication, professional behaviors, and caring interventions for individualized, holistic management of care with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. Faculty also incorporates relevant and current evidence-based practice content in the theory, laboratory, and clinical instruction.

The faculty ascribe to various levels of nursing expertise and the need for ongoing lifelong learning. Nursing programs are based on both faculty and student responsibilities in teaching and learning. The faculty are committed to fulfilling legal and professional standards in order to achieve academic excellence.

This program consists of three components which are theoretical or classroom experience, laboratory practice experience, and clinical experience.

This program is designed to progress from general to specific skills. The Program’s philosophy and organizing theme guide the curriculum. There is an emphasis for each student to function in a mature, consistent manner that reflects an understanding of ethical conduct, personal responsibility, and accountability for behaviors and actions. Course content includes all areas of study, as mandated by Ohio Administrative Code 4723-5-14.