Effective August 28, 2023, will be Offered in A blended Learning

The program of learning for the Practical Nursing Education Program is designed to enable the student to provide safe, direct care for assigned clients of all ages in various structured healthcare settings. Supervision by qualified faculty, as required by Ohio Administrative Code 4723-5-11, “Qualifications of administrative, faculty and instructional personnel for a practical nursing education program” is provided.

The faculty of the Academia Medical Institute believes in providing high-quality nursing education to prepare well-qualified, diverse nurses to care for patients/families/communities with varying healthcare needs. Faculty are central in achieving program goals along with imparting their knowledge and enthusiasm in preparing competent, skilled, caring, and compassionate graduates that are responsive to emerging healthcare needs and future trends. Faculty use their knowledge and expertise to engage, collaborate in, and promote the development of clinical decision-making, critical thinking, communication, professional behaviors, and caring interventions for individualized, holistic management of care with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. Faculty also incorporates relevant and current evidence-based practice content in the theory, laboratory, and clinical instruction.

The faculty ascribe to various levels of nursing expertise and the need for ongoing lifelong learning. Nursing programs are based on both faculty and student responsibilities in teaching and learning. The faculty are committed to fulfilling legal and professional standards in order to achieve academic excellence.

This program consists of three components which are theoretical or classroom experience, laboratory practice experience, and clinical experience.

This program is designed to progress from general to specific skills. The Program’s philosophy and organizing theme guide the curriculum. There is an emphasis for each student to function in a mature, consistent manner that reflects an understanding of ethical conduct, personal responsibility, and accountability for behaviors and actions. Course content includes all areas of study, as mandated by Ohio Administrative Code 4723-5-14.

Practical Nursing Program – Classroom Information

Class AvailabilityDays of the WeekTime of ClassDelivery Method
Day Class:Monday – Thursday9 am – 3:30 pmBlended
Evening Class:Monday – Thursday 3:30 pm – 10:00 pmBlended

Practical Nursing – Admission Requirements 

REGISTRATION FEE: Applicant must Complete Application and pay Registration fee of $100 (Application online)

PROOF OF AGE: Applicant must be 18 years of age or older at the time he or she starts the Nursing Program

PROOF OF RESIDENCE: The applicant must be a U.S Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States. Applicant Must submit two forms of official, unexpired government-issued documentation for admission (Social Security, Driver’s License, State issued I.D, Passport, or proof of U.S Citizenship or Permanent Residency card, if not a U.S Citizen)  If the applicant’s identification that includes an address lists a non-Ohio address, the applicant will be required to provide an ATTESTATION STATING THAT THEY CURRENTLY RESIDE IN OHIO, ALONG WITH SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION, SUCH AS A LEASE/RENTAL AGREEMENT, UTILITY BILL, or similar, if possible.

HIGH SCHOOL/GED: The applicant must provide documentation of graduation from high school in the form of a valid high school diploma, transcript or other acceptable documentation issued by an authorized state education agency (e.g., General Education Development (GED) in Ohio.) International transcripts/documents need to be evaluated by a third-party evaluator for equivalency

ENTRANCE EXAM: The applicant must pass the ATI TEAS Pre-entrance exam with a score of 48% or HESI Entrance Exam with a composite score of 70%. Entry Exams must be within a 2-year period from the date taken the test.


CPR CERTIFICATION: Applicants must have a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Healthcare Provider — Basic Life Support (BLS) completion ce­­­rtificate prior to beginning the program. 

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Applicant must have current record of physical examination by a licensed health care provider prior to admission to the program (no older than 1 Year). Please contact us to receive the required application forms

1-STEP TUBERCULOSIS(TB) TESTING: Applicants must have a screening for TB test prior to start of the Clinical Site Visit. Testing must be done within one year before beginning the program and again before beginning clinical rotations.

ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT: The applicant must complete and sign the enrollment agreement and pay any applicable enrollment agreement fees.  

*Tuition and fee charges are subject to change at the School’s discretion. Any tuition or fee increases will become effective for the academic term following student notification of the increase.