To provide nursing education to our students in nursing ethics, theory, and practice and prepare health care professionals who demonstrate principles of integrity, accountability, compassion, and competence to contribute positively to the dynamic health care industry.


1. Employ qualified faculty and staff who pursue professional development.

2. Provide a secure state of the art learning environment.

3. Comply with regulatory agencies requirements.

4. Achieve required programmatic outcomes.

5. Attain high student satisfaction.


Upon successful completion of a nursing certificate, students will be able to 

1. Develop problem Solving and critical thinking skills

2. Develop intra and interpersonal skills.

3. Demonstrate effective written, oral and social communication skills

4. Communicate ethical standard and legal guideline associated with the nursing field.


The goal of Academia Medical Institute is to be become the premier provider of private nursing education for working adults in Ohio by transforming student into caring critical thinking, clinically competent nurses who are committed to excellence in practice and life-long learning


Academia Medical Institute’s philosophy is anchored on the belief that nursing education should prepare students to function safely and effectively in the generalist role. We believe that nursing education should provide students an opportunity to progress within a laddered curriculum in order to enhance the profession of nursing and to serve as a foundation for life-long learning. Nurses should be prepared to provide ethical, holistic, and compassionate care to diverse populations in a variety of settings. We believe that by incorporating into our curriculum the standards set forth by our governing bodies, the evidenced-based research provided by our colleagues, and the values and criteria promoted by our national nursing organizations, our goal can best be accomplished.  


Academia Medical Institute’s Values are manifest through

  • FAITH– Grounded in various religious faith while valuing the religious freedom of others, we believe that God has a plan and purpose for each person to fulfill; and that a quality education provides the opportunity for each to reach their full potential
  • RESPECT: We are dedicated to fostering safe educational environment where respect for each unique individual is demonstrated, where dignity is valued, and diversity is celebrated. 
  • PERSEVERANCE: Firmly rooted in the belief that perseverance produces character, we are committed to supporting students through any struggles they may face while working to achieve their educational goal.
  • INTEGRITY: Guided by strong moral principles, we believe that everyone has a responsibility to know and do the right thing. We are committed to the equitable treatment of all individuals by consistently applying the same established policies and procedures. 
  • HONESTY: We believe that maintaining honesty on campus, in clinicals, and within the nursing profession is a responsibility shared by all members of the Academia’ community, including students, faculty, and staff. 
  • DEDICATION: We uphold the value of dedicating oneself wholeheartedly and doing whatever it takes to complete a task or purpose. 
  • COMPASSION: We embrace compassion by demonstrating genuine concern for the needs of others in our community and taking the time and effort to serve a purpose greater than ourselves.


The faculty of Academia Medical Institute believes in providing high quality nursing education to prepare well-qualified, diverse professional nurses to care for patients/families with varying healthcare needs.  Faculty are central in achieving program goals along with imparting their knowledge and enthusiasm in preparing competent, skilled, caring, and compassionate graduates responsive to emerging health care needs and trends.  Faculty use their knowledge and expertise to engage, collaborate in, and promote the development of clinical decision making, critical thinking, communication, professional behaviors, and caring interventions for individualized, holistic management of care with emphasis on safety and efficiency. Faculty also incorporate relevant and current evidence-based practice content in their didactic, laboratory, and clinical instruction. 

The Academia Medical Institute faculty subscribe to Jean Watson’s Caring Theory as a basis for program structure and teaching. The faculty ascribes to various levels of nursing expertise and the need for ongoing, lifelong learning. Nursing programs are based on both faculty and student responsibilities in teaching and learning. To meet these goals the ratio of student to faculty ratio for laboratory is a maximum of 16:1 and for clinical 10:1. The faculty is committed to fulfilling legal and professional standards in order to achieve academic excellence.  


Academia Medical Institute is committed to serving the community by providing for the educational needs of adults and the staffing needs of employers. Academia Medical Institute believes that all individuals deserve high quality educational opportunities to reach their full potentials. We are dedicated to fostering a safe educational environment where dignity is valued, diversity is celebrated, and learning is a life-long endeavor. We believe that education is a shared responsibility among the college administration, faculty, staff, and students; whose collaboration is critical in maintaining our unique academic community. The major goal of Academia Medical Institute is to transform students into clinically competent and caring registered nurses committed to serving their communities. 

Academia Medical Institute is dedicated to providing a quality nursing programs with flexible schedules that meet the needs of students who strive to balance school and work responsibilities. The accessibility and quality of our programs are ensured through: 

  • Small and manageable class sizes 
  • Qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty 
  • A state-of-the-art facility equipped with cutting edge technology designed for students’ success 
  • Relevant and research-based curricula 
  • Full-time and part-time programs available during the day, evening, and weekends 
  • Systematic evaluation of the faculty