School Sponsored Opportunity Grant

Number of Grants Available: 5

GPA: 3.0

Award Amount: $1,000

Eligibility Requirement

  1. The recipient must be an enrolled, student.
  2. Must have completed the first semester and maintaining satisfactory progress.
  3. Must be an Ohio resident.
  4. A demonstration of financial need, verified by the school representative/authorized person at the applicant’s nursing school; based on poverty income level.
  5. A strong desire and the ability to complete a training and/or academic program.
  6. Submit a completed application for a grant on Academia’s Website
  7. Applicants must submit a 2-page essay about why applicants should be awarded the grant and why they want to become a nurse?
  8. The recipient will be notified via email 6-week from the time the application is submitted.

Founding Source

The Grant is funded by the school to help the community as part of giving back and educating the community.

How Grant will be awarded? 

Grant will be used as a tuition credit. If the student withdraws prior to program completion, then the grant will be withdrawn as well.

Deadline of Grant: After enrollment in the PN program

To apply grant: